Should Schools Be Open-Year-Round School Year?

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The author of "Should Schools Be Open All Year?" informs readers about a year-round school schedule. In this text the author uses very good points of why schools should switch methods. In the first paragraph, the author states "A year-round schedule reduces school overcrowding, improves teachers’ lives, and helps students learn." The author's use of this sentence really gives the reader to think about. For example, some schools have problems with overcrowding, by having a year round school this issue could be resolved. Another problems schools and many students face, is that once students go on a long break such as summer break, students often forget academic material they learned during the school year. By having a year-round school schedule this issue could also be resolved because students would have shorter break periods, decreasing or completely stopping the lost of academic material.…show more content…
The author organizes the text by using statistical numbers of how more and more schools are starting to adopt the year-round school schedule from 1990 to present day. Another way the author organizes the text is by stating how students will learn more, teachers would have an easier life, and how the traditional schedule no longer has a reason to be used. The author is informing us about how a year-round school schedule is more efficient by using information about how students learn more, teachers get better training and easier lives, and how a traditional school schedule is no longer

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