Orange Is The New Black: Character Analysis

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In the popular Netflix series Orange is the New Black, we see the lives of different inmates in an all-women prison. The main character is Piper Chapman, and we are shown several other minor characters’ background stories, personal experiences in the prison, and their interactions with the other inmates. Each character differs greatly from the other, and each display a different aspect of real life inmates. One character in particular, Suzanne Warren, also known as Crazy Eyes, suffers from mental illness— her personality is erratic and obsessive, she self-harms and becomes violent when upset. Although being imprisoned does not cause her metal illness, her mental illness is amplified by being confined in prison. With the way that the Netflix…show more content…
The background information we are given about Crazy Eye’s is that she has two adoptive parents and an adoptive sister. In flashbacks of her childhood, we are shown that she did not have the same social development as her sister or other children because of her awkward and erratic behavior. Growing up Warren’s mother was determined for her to be successful regardless of her being different from others. Her mother would always force her to do things that she did not want to do, leaving Warren emotionally and mental…show more content…
Warren, after Piper’s acceptance of the peppers and her offer of “friendship”, begins to follow her around the prison almost like a lost puppy and refers to Piper as her “Dandelion.” Everyday Crazy Eyes would follow Piper on her runs around the track. While running, they were approached by a guard who tells them that the track field was going to be shut down due to budget cuts and they would have to find somewhere else to do their “swirl.” Warren completely ignores how upset and devastated Piper is that her one escape from prison is taken away— she only pays attention to the fact that her “relationship” with Piper was acknowledged, and begins to sing “Chocolate and Vanilla, Swir-irl,” (Season 1: Episode 3) repeatedly to Piper. Crazy Eyes’ obsession with Piper only worsens from this point. Piper is new to Litchfield and her bunk assignment was only temporary; without her knowing, Warren puts in a request for the two of them to be placed in the same bunk. Piper’s prison counselor, Healy, calls Piper into his office to inform her that her “lesbian request” was denied. Piper explains to him that she had no prior knowledge of the request and that she has been trying to shake Warren for days. Healy warns Piper that she should be as nice as possible when letting Crazy Eyes down, because the prison has had previous problems with he. Her reactions to bad situations are often result

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