Alice Gordon Monologue

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“I just can’t have her around my house anymore. Look, I’ve been researching this school in Duluth. It’s year round, and they have a work study program where the students work during their weekends and stay during breaks as a way to pay tuition.” “Year round? Alice you can’t just get rid of Abby. She’s a fourteen year old girl. She needs her family.” “Just like how Danny needed his eyes?” “That’s not fair. It was an accident, we both know that. Alice, we’ve been over this.” “Every time I look into her eyes I can’t stop thinking about how he deserves them. How I could just take them out and give them to Danny. How that bitch doesn’t deserve them. He is seven years old! His life is gone. His face is disfigured. I can barely take looking at him, Eric. I’m lucky he can’t see me wince. Sitting there spending all day with that asshole Wayne and that stupid cripple dog.”…show more content…
She has a week, or I’m leaving. My family is gone, my children aren’t my children anymore. One week, or I’m leaving.” At this point Mom was yelling. Red Dog was barking from the living room, and Abby was crying. The next morning while I listened to Tom and Jerry next to Red Dog, Abby walked into the dining room where my parents sat silently drinking coffee and announced that she would be attending St. Catherine’s. She spent the weekend packing, and left Monday morning. Dad sat in the driver’s seat while Abby said her goodbyes. She scratched Red Dog’s head jingling his collar, ignored my mother, and knelt next to me. “I’ll see you around, Danny,” she whispered over a silent cry. I could hear her voice cracking. “I

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