Pros And Cons Of Year Round School

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Not every person in the world is exactly the same just like schools. There are various types of schools to accommodate everyone. One specific type of schooling that I am going to be focusing on are the pros and cons of year- round schools. Something very important to keep on your mind is that not every child is the same when it comes to learning. When I first heard of year- round schooling I thought that it would be the worst thing ever because I have gone through many years of school and I am used to the way that my calendar was but when I was doing more and more research some of the information did make some sense. But my mind was not totally changed because I am one who does not like change. Many people have a misinterpretation about year- round schooling; the misunderstanding is that year- round school lasts longer than the traditional school with…show more content…
The parents might have to buy more preparation for their children’s lunches and breakfasts because there are more days in their school year than to the traditional school. Also, year- round schoolings can be hard for a small amount of parents to find the right childcare because of the parents work schedule and their child’s school calendar. On the website,, says, “As school year- round schools are open all year, it requires more maintenance, transportation and more money on utility for air condition during the summer and heating during the winter.” This quote is saying that it can be hard on some of the year- round schools finically because the school has to pay for many things and for a longer time compared to the traditional school year. In addition outside school programs like parks and other recreation programs for children will face a major decline including summer camps. It could be because of money, students not able to go because of timing; the school is not able to find enough adults, or other

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