Differences Between The Crucible Movie And Play

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The Crucible is a messed up story of pretense and lies. The theme is Good vs. Evil. The entire village seems to base it's beliefs on Satan vs. God. Over and over, as people are accused of Witchcraft, this theme is constantly dragged in. There are many differences between the play and the movie, but here are a few that stuck out to me. In the play, they tell about how John Proctor and Abigail Williams kiss in a scene. They do not show or mention the incident once in the movie. Abigail also has a lot more girls that follow her actions then in the play. Abigail and the girls are shown dancing in the woods. In the play, it is only mentioned in the past. There is no scene specifically for the girls dancing. Abigail comes to see John Proctor while

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