Essay About College Education

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It’s Worth It What’s your dream? How are you going to fulfill it? How do you want to live the rest of your life? Think about it. You need a plan to get there. Everybody knows how getting a good career starts; education. The college graduates tend to live healthier and less stressful because they have better employment and make more money. Individuals that don’t go to college end up having a harder time finding a well-paying career and don’t have any care to get an education. College education is worth all the time and money put in because it will help you throughout life. Specifically, everybody wants to make money and live the easiest of life. But very few will put the time and effort in to get there. Therefore, people that want an education…show more content…
Some people just don’t think outside the box well enough. Ask family to help, fundraise, or take out student loans. There’s no excuses to not be able to go to college. You can always start at a community college to get started as well. That’s how a lot of people start off, even college athletes. A community college is a great way to help figure out what your career interest is. Individuals eventually transfer to universities to pursue their education. So, money shouldn’t be an excuse to not get a college education. Yes, I know some people still will say, “college is too expensive” “It isn’t even worth it.” That’s all lies. People will always have their different opinions though. But, it shouldn’t be hard to realize the reality. Reality is, college makes individuals successful. There are not many ways to pay for college without a scholarship. Taking out a loan or saving your money will eventually help you pay off what you need to pay off. Don’t let the price make you cringe about not going. Imagine if you took out a student loan. Imagine finishing school. Imagine finding a great career. Imagine being able to pay off the loans because of the job you work. Just make it easy on yourself and do what you feel is right. Get an education for the best of
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