Analysis: Why Student Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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Nathan Holtz ENGL 101, Sec. 004 Prof. Schmitz 19 Nov. 2014 When Fair isn’t Fair Money makes the world go round. This is very true when it comes to the world we live in today. But is it true in the world of college athletics? Yes, today’s college athletics is all about the money. Not only are the universities greedy but the student athletes are as well. I chose the topic of why student athletes shouldn’t be paid because it’s one that really frustrates me. It frustrates me for many reasons and for reasons that it frustrates other people as well. I want to discuss in this paper why student athletes shouldn’t be paid and the effects it has on the universities and the NCAA athletics. College athletes are not employees and don’t need to be paid…show more content…
Me being a college football fan can honestly say that it would be devastating to have college athletes paid. One of the reasons college football makes so much money is because these athletes have nothing to lose and everything to gain. They aren’t playing to get a bigger contract or to have them get a raise because they broke records. They are playing for two goals, one to win a national championship and two to have a chance to hear their name called on a professional level. It also just really upsets me that some college athletes are getting greedy for something that they shouldn’t be. If you’re a college athlete you need to look at this bigger picture. Yes the university receives millions of dollars a year but that doesn’t mean they’re loaded. Regardless of them making this money, “In 2012, only 23 out of 228 athletic departments at NCAA Division I public colleges made enough money to cover their expenses.” (Zissou, Paragraph 5) This means that if student athletes want to be paid a salary many other sports programs are going to have to be cut just to keep the university’s head above the water. Aside from that paying athletes of the big schools might not hurt as much as it will on the small schools. “Other programs that are trying to compete with them but can't keep up, so their expenses run up, but their revenues don't go up commensurately.” (Karaim, Paragraph 41) This then sends them into a tizzy because they are cutting their…show more content…
This means the autographs they sign, the way they are used in video games, and the merchandise that is sold with their face or number on it. This situation brings up a very good idea that could be used. In my open the NCAA shouldn’t pay them which you should all know by now. However if paying these athletes becomes a bigger issue they could change the rule a little bit. What they could do is have the student athletes paid for what they make for doing the things I listed above. Yes this would be paying the athletes which completely breaks the back of my argument. Despite the fact that they would be getting paid it would be a perfect world. The NCAA wouldn’t be paying them with the money they make from bowl wins or championships and would still get to use all that money the way they do now. This can happen because different businesses who are using these athletes’ autographs and images are the ones paying them. Not only that but it would bring about more competition because not all of the players on the team would be getting the spotlight and money so this would make them want to work harder. This to me is the only way that athletes should ever be paid at the college

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