Personal Essay: Personal Goals In Today's Life

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Sixteen years condensed into a paper is harder said than done as it is arduous not to miss anything from October 13, 2001, up until the present. From the absurd amount of family and friends I have to my hopefully not unrealistic goals, there is a lot to acknowledge. In the school hallways you might find me as your average high schooler, or your average athlete on the court, but as the generations implemented, do not judge a book by its cover. Three words you could use to portray me as an individual are dedicated, loyal and persistent. I am blessed to be the person I am today and the person I will be in the future. Without my family and friends, my goals and hobbies, it would have been difficult to conquer the obstacles I face throughout my…show more content…
Being the first female to play seemed like an attainable goal at the age of four, but as reality began to settle in, twelve years later I am dreaming of goals that are potentially just as difficult to reach, possibly even more of a workload to achieve. I wish to go to the University of Alberta and something with my life so that I help other people’s lives. Whether that be a doctor, dentist or anything related to medicine, I was to use the education, that I hopefully obtain, to aid those who are not as blessed to have the same opportunity to succeed. I just hope that whatever I may end up doing as an occupation in life, is something that I love. I do not want to go to school for twelve years and graduate just to go to more school and then continue to work a nine to five job that I despise. In the long run, my dreams of making my parents proud of the person I am. They moved their lives across the world, sacrificed amples and continue to work sunrise to sunset to provide the best for my brother and I. They sacrificed to give me opportunities to succeed that they never had, so making them proud is my the most substantial goal that I am striving
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