Much Ado About Nothing Beatrice And Benedick Analysis

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Battle of Freedom and Shame The play, Much Ado about Nothing, revolves around two kinds of romance- Claudio and Hero present the formal tradition of the period; Beatrice and Benedick express the true love germinated by mutual respect. For the characters of Much Ado about Nothing, romantic experiences are often bundled with issues of freedom and shame. Their attitudes and choices facing all these predicaments reveal their value towards love and loyalty. Through comparing with two kinds of romance, Beatrice and Benedick’s love is the effusion of real passion, for passion runs after mutual respect for differences, kindness, and forgiveness, other than Claudio and Hero’s remote allusions and destined fate. Traditional marriage under patriarchy…show more content…
The hero is in passive throughout the arrangement of marriage as an invisible character. For her lover at first sight, Hero is not only a stunner, but also a key to wealth and dignity. Leonato’s behavior also verifies the bundle of Hero and her family wealth. When the wedding comes, Leonato, handing Hero to Claudio, says, “Count take me my daughter, and with her my fortunes” (Shakespeare 3.2.11). He is announcing Leonato’s daughter and his fortunes go together other than just giving his daughter to be married to her beloved man. Essentially, her father, Leonato is saying, “Daughter, remember what I told you. If the prince do solicit you in that kind, you know your answer” (Shakespeare 2.1.66-67). It demonstrates the fact of the presentation of marriage in Much Ado about Nothing: It is not necessarily an arrangement made out of love, but more like a transaction, which can be negotiated and influenced by paternity or authority. If Prince Don Pedro requires, Hero will accept his proposal, even if he does not do it for Claudio. Hero is not only a beautiful and obedient child, but also a doll at the mercy of family interest. Hero is willing to switch from Prince Don Pedro to Claudio as if there is no difference in who her husband is. Does she really love Claudio? Alternatively, she is just grateful to have him as husband instead of someone ugly or old? Hero does not express herself much about the arrangement of marriage. But

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