Pros And Cons Of Gun Control In America

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There is a lot to say about gun control in America, people think that there shouldn’t be gun laws put in place and some people think they should have laws because sometimes firearms land in the wrong hands. When they do there is lots of reasons they might be used for like drug dealing and mass shootings. A mass shooting is where a gunman kills four or more people. In 2015, 372 mass shootings occurred so that came to 7 mass shootings every week. On December 15, 1791 the 2nd Amendment was introduced, it is a constitution that protects peoples rights. People in the United States Of America are allowed to keep and bear arms. Many people disagree and many agree on this. Roughly 16,459 murders were committed in the United States during 2016. Of these, about 11,961 or 73% were committed with firearms. Federal Law prohibits licensed firearms dealers from selling a shotgun or rifle to anyone under 18, or handguns to anyone less than 21 years of…show more content…
Americans shouldn’t be scared to drop their kids off at school and spend a family day out with no fear on getting shot. Lets say for instance 1,034 black people were killed in 2016. Half of them were carrying firearms and the other was not armed. Black people are stereotyped in to gangs and thugs. People will look at a black man and think he has been to prison and been in a situation involving murder or assault. But why do people think this, is it the colour of their skin that makes them unequal to white and Hispanic Americans. Video evidence has shown the black Americans shot down by police are twice more likely to be unarmed. Young black men were nine times more likely than other Americans to be killed by police officers in 2015, according to the findings of a guardian study that recorded a final tally of 1,134 deaths at the hands of law enforcement officers this year. Black men are more likely to die in America by a police shooting than

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