Short Essay On Air Pollution

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Man’s reckless pursuit of material comforts has polluted the air to alarming levels. Growth in industries, vehicles, urbanization is among the major components which increase air pollution. Thermal power plants, cement, iron industry, oil purifier industry, mine, and petrochemical industry too contribute to air pollution. In the olden days, human beings did not face the problem of air pollution as the scope of pollution was limited, and nature too continued to keep the environment balanced. At that time, due to limited pollution, nature used to balance itself but today development is happening on a vast scale, requiring increase in production capacity. Humans are destroying natural resources for industrial benefits without thinking, which has…show more content…
Sand storms rising in the desert, smoke generated from the burning of fire and grass in forests, give birth to certain chemicals, which make the air polluted. The origin of pollution can be from any country but it has an impact everywhere. The disinfectant chemicals found in Antarctica, where they have never been used, show the serious extent of the pollution that can reach from one place to another through air. What is Air Pollution? When natural elements, after mixing with the outer elements, get activated in a destructive direction, leaving their normal actions, this action is called "pollution." In the context of this definition, air pollution is the state in which the internal structure of the air is affected due to the presence of dust, smoke, toxic gas, chemical vapour, scientific experiments etc, that is, when air becomes harmful for humans and its environment due to excessive hydrostatic material. Air pollution refers to the conditions when unwanted elements and particles are stored up in the environment to the extent that it cannot be absorbed by the ecosystem. The release of harmful substances leaves the air polluted. It causes health problems and damages the environment, man, plants and animals. Air pollution has harmed the ozone layer, which has adversely affected the

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