Why Is School Bad In School

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According to the online Journal Education News, by 2012, the number of children being homeschooled in the US has been increased by 75% over the past 14 years. Also at that time, a hefty 91 percent of homeschooled students had parents who expressed their deep concern over the environment of schools, which is ranked the first reason for forgoing the traditional education. These statistics pose a question that whether the quality of conventional schooling has been descending or naturally had problems. As a matter of fact, the answer is that the issue is inherent in school itself. No longer can humans pass over the fact that school is bad for children in silence. It is transparent that schooling has been damaging their well-endowed inner nature of activeness and moral values. The purpose of this essay is to clarify this argument. In the very first place,…show more content…
As mentioned above, teaching to the test method has been pervasively applied to schools, which burdens students with overwhelming pressure on grade, not genuine knowledge. On account of that, children are prone to cheat and dodge, manipulating their parents and teachers. According to a survey by Duke University (USA) on 50.000 university students and 18.000 high school students, over 70% of those surveyed admitted cheating in their exams. Also, the more test and grade pressure imposed, the higher cheating rate in the exams (Teaching to the test: A controversial issue in quantitative measurement, Jenifer & Ronald, 2012). All things considered, much as there are serious problems in the current school system, it cannot be denied that schooling has made a substantial contribution to educating children. On the other hand, having been aware of the issues, both the government and individuals are required to perform short-term and long-term actions to eliminate or at least mitigate the challenges.
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