Argumentative Essay On Global Warming

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Global Warming The term global warming is used to refer to the gradual addition in the temperatures of the earth surface as well as the atmosphere. Environmental experts have raised the alarm over the steady rise of earth’s temperature in the last 50 years. It is worth noting that global warming is attributed to the collection of not only Carbon dioxide but also other greenhouse gases and other environmental pollutants in the atmosphere that absorbs solar and sunlight radiation and bounces back to the surface of the earth instead of escaping into space. As a result, these pollutants trap the heat thus causing the earth to get hotter. Each day the earth rotates, new heat spins with it; therefore, moisture is picked from the ocean and settled…show more content…
Notably, the ground level ozone is composed of smog thus the higher the temperatures the rise in the ground ozone. Despite the scientific facts on the detrimental effects of global warming, many arguments have been raised on the same topic. The opponents of global warming argue that throughout history, the planet has been heating up and cooling itself as a natural phenomenon. Thus, human beings have no role to play in the changing temperatures as it occurs through a natural fluctuation process. It is indeed a fact that the climate of the earth as alternated several times as part of the environmental processes. However, it is essential to note that the warming has escalated over the last century and much rapid than any other period in the past (Giwa & Suleyman, 739). The melting of polar ice and increasing sea levels are enough proof of global warming. This alone should be a cause of alarm over global warming. Secondly, another argument against the reality of global warming is that human activities alone cannot be held accountable for the cause of global warming. The opponents argue that other natural occurrences like volcanic eruptions do contribute to higher levels of greenhouse gases. Further, the levels of this gas are regulated by the permafrost cycle as well as the

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