Essay On Water Conservation

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ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES ASSIGNMENT DIGITAL ASSIGNMENT III TOPIC: Water quality management and its conservation Water is an elixir of life. It is extremely important for all living organisms for their survival. Apart from sustenance of life water is also used for various purposes ranging from agriculture, food processing to other industrial applications. For the usage of water the above mentioned activities it must be available in large quantities and should satisfy the required quality. Water is a major component of the earth. It covers about 71% of earth’s surface. Out of the total amount of water on earth 96% is present in the oceans and the seas, 1.7% is found as groundwater, 1.7% present in the glaciers and the icecaps at the poles and about 0.001% of water are obtained in air as water vapour and clouds. Out of the total amount of water present on the surface of earth only 2.5% is fresh water and 98.8% of that is trapped in the ice caps or present as ground water.0.3% of the freshwater is present in the rivers, lakes and the atmosphere and…show more content…
Water quality monitoring helps link sources of pollution to a stream quality problem because it identifies specific problem pollutants. Since certain activities tend to generate certain pollutants (e.g., bacteria and nutrients are more likely to come from an animal feedlot than an automotive repair shop), a tentative link might be made that would warrant further investigation or monitoring. • To determine trends. Chemical constituents that are properly monitored (i.e., consistent time of day and on a regular basis, using consistent methods) can be analyzed for trends over time. • To screen for impairment. Finding excessive levels of one or more chemical constituents can serve as an early warning "screen" of potential pollution problems. Water quality management practices • Use a water quality monitoring methodology to predict postconstruction water quality
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