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Introduction “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”- Martin Luther King Jr. Environmental racism is a problem that must be addressed to help Latino, African American and indigenous communities be protected from the placement of hazardous industries and toxic waste areas in the United States. Some areas are more affected by industrialization than others and most of the time they are the people of color that have no other choice but to live in such horrendous conditions. Industrialization harms both the environment and the lives of people. One can see that racial discrimination and segregation continues to exist even after the Civil Rights Movement from 1954 to 1968. It is seen more implicitly in today’s…show more content…
Rothenberg, white privilege is a type of racism that claims the unearned advantages and benefits that accrues to white folks by virtue of a system normed on the experiences, values, and perceptions of their group. White privilege automatically confers dominance to one group, while subordinating groups of color in a descending relational hierarchy; it owes its existence to White supremacy. White privilege promotes Whites to feel good about themselves and raises their confidence in their “self-esteem, identity, and existence” (Rothenberg21). Having this privilege leads to dominance of someone’s sex or race (Rothenberg154) White privilege can greatly impact the health and wellbeing of minority groups (Martin and Do). The White Racial Frame is looking at the ladders of structural inequalities and focuses on Whites and their point of view. When speaking upon environmental justice, the WRF plays a huge role in the inequalities people of color face. Industries, warehouse, etc., are all constructed near the lower class, people of color; whereas, according to Feagin’s social ladders frame, in which he illustrates social characteristics of race and class horizontally, the whites and upper class are on the very top having many advantages and privileges. Feagin demonstrates how ridiculous this ladder is but surely is…show more content…
This image might not show the communities but all behind that factory were small houses in the city of Delano. Increasingly, these factories are starting to grow especially among these communities. When has there ever been seen factories or warehouse near a White neighborhood? These factories are placed around these neighborhoods because they know that the people of color are lower class and cannot afford to sue or complain. As I observed the communities around I noticed there were not many families including children around. Not having the privilege and opportunity to live wherever they want many of them have no other choice but to stay and risk their health. Bakersfield Factories by Yulianna Hermosillo 2015 Bakersfield, California located in the Central Valley is known to having the worst air quality in America. I captured the enormous amount of substances polluting our environment. Many of these huge corporations and factories are owned by the high class White folks. People locate these industries near the lower class and people because they know they can’t and won’t do anything about it. This is how I know racism. Racism is the discrimination on ones phenotype or

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