Personal Narrative Essay: My Family Road Trip

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My family road trip wasn’t a normal road trip. There was a lot of sharp turns and middle aged women yelling at us in a local gas station. I had to learn to just breathe. It was an early Thursday morning in May 2011 and it was time to buckle up and head to my cousin, Shayla, who is getting married and it was time for her wedding in her favorite chapel in Taylor Falls. We had a small, grey buick that that was too small for all of us. We decided to all take one car, big mistake. My sister, Becca, was almost 16, so she still had her permit. My mom, Lisa was sitting in the passenger seat and I was stuck in between them. In the back, it was my sister, Jess, her daughter, Lilly, and her friend, Sky. After piling in, we headed off. Mid Thursday afternoon, my mom realized that we were going to be cutting it close to make it to the wedding on time, so we had to improvise. We pulled into the nearest gas station to change into our wedding outfits. All 6 of us piled out of the car and grabbed our nice clothing out of the trunk. When we walk into the store, the clerk looks at us and asks, “Hey there, can I help you with anything?”…show more content…
I gave her a warning look, I mouth, “Don’t you try anything.” She looked at me and chuckled, “Why should I listen to

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