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Kamen Rider is a story about "Super Hero" or “Tokusatsu” Produced by TOEI (film production company engaged in super hero) originating from Japan. Kamen Rider is someone who has power to transform into “Super Hero” and wears a mask and armor. Vehicles that are usually used by the Kamen Rider is Motocycle, but some of Kamen Rider doesn't have Motorcycle. Kamen Rider has many form and type. There are human, Cyborg (half-robot human), robot,half-mosnter human and monster. There are protagonist and antagonist Kamen Riders. Kamen Rider has many Series, and the First made in 1971. Until the current series of Kamen Rider keeps showing up. Rider Bike Each Kamen Rider has a vehicle, and usually their motorcycle has name like its owner. But there are…show more content…
They are Skyrider, Super-1 and ZX. ZX is Kamen Rider 10th that very unique because there are no plans to make it and only retrieved from the image mediocre. In the series Kamen Rider ZX, showing 10 riders together against the evil organization named "BADAN". This project became the latest project of Hirayama. In 1987 Kamen Rider Black spliced with Kamen Rider Black RX series reappeared. For Indonesian people Kamen Rider is the most popular, memorable and legendary Super Hero. In Indonesia, Kamen Rider ever aired on TV Indonesia is Kamen Rider Black (Satria Baja Hitam), Black RX, Kuuga, Agito, Ryuki, Faiz, and Blade. However, nowadays there are only Kamen Rider The Movie series which aired in Indonesia. After series Kamen Rider Black RX ends, there is no longer series Kamen Rider. Kamen Rider that exists only in the Movie and even then aired only…show more content…
Changes in the concept of "Altered Human" Showa Rider Kamen Rider has to be pure humans who totally altered into pure cyborgs (Ichigo, Nigo, V3, X, Black RX) or indeed from a normal human like Shin and Amazon who transform biologically. So, at that time Ishinomori concept has not changed, because the concept of "Ishinomori" is pure human transformed into a Cyborg and not turn into a regular hero for other reasons, except Riderman. Heisei Rider Kamen Rider in this time has many changes such as a person can transform into Kamen Rider if there are tools like Kamen Rider Faiz, given the power of magic like Kuuga and Agito, some even transform using the card like Ryuki,Blade and Decade, and can transforms because it is inherited in offspring like Kiva. There are no one of the Heisei Rider who transformed into cyborg, there are 3 Rider that only approached cyborg that armored are used so like Robocop (G3, G3X, and G4). 2. Type of enemy

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