Exploratory Talk

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How can teachers use exploratory talk to support comprehensions skills in guided reading? This essay sets out to explain how teachers use exploratory talk as a tool, to support comprehension skills in guided reading. Guided reading is a strategy used in a classroom where by teachers use exploratory talk to support the learning of comprehension skills, in order for children to make meaning of a text or book. This essay will describe what exploratory talk, comprehension skills and guided reading is. It will also identify reasons why exploratory talk is a great tool teachers use to deliver guided reading. Furthermore it will provide an example of a guided reading session and also link together how comprehension skills can be acquired by children, using exploratory talk, in guided reading. Exploratory talk is a flexible yet purposeful discussion that is used to open childrens’ minds and elaborate their thinking, to enable a flow of thoughts and opinions to be shared between a group. It is a mix…show more content…
Guided reading is an assessment tool teachers use to measure the level of comprehension skill a child has. (Harris, 2005) describes guided reading as a context in which the teacher supports each childs’ development of effective skills in order for them to process new and challenging levels of texts. It creates a community of enquiry about one book or text, so that children can jointly construct meaning to a text and comprehend. It is also set up as a guided talk session that is primarily teacher led or supported so that children discuss and participate, by sharing their ideas on the text in an intermental space.. (Dempsy and Wright, 2006) suggest that guided reading sessions help build on what children already know; their schematas and develop new strategies independently, using discussion as a way to reconstruct and develop through others
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