Learning Problems In Remedial Education

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INTRODUCTION In the following academic essay, we will be describing a child that has a learning problem that we have identified in the school where we are doing our teaching practice. To formulate a logical and reliable argument, we will refer to information that is contained in the study guide that we use for the module of Remedial Education, as well as referencing the work of other contributors that we feel it is needed for the sake of this academic essay. We will give a detailed description of the learner’s learning problem. We will also indicate what we could do in the classroom to remediate the learning problem and prevent such learning problem from affecting the learner’s knowledge, skills, attitude and progress. We will also briefly discuss the relationship between the learning problem and socio-, emotional and behavior problems. The learner will be kept anonymous throughout the assignment. Crouse (2006) defines a learning problem as a disorder in one or more of the basic psychological processes involved in understanding and using language spoken…show more content…
These disorders are not due primarily to hearing or vision problems, socio-economic factors, cultural or linguistic differences, lack of motivation or ineffective teaching, however these factors may further complicate the challenges faced by individuals with learning disabilities. Learning disabilities may co-exist with various conditions including attention, behavioral and emotional disorders, sensory impairments or other medical conditions. For success, individuals who experience learning problems require early identification and timely specialised assessments and interventions involving home, school, community and workplace settings. (Wong, B. Y.

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