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Phillip Red This is The story of Phillip Richard Red. And, his life story from beginning to now and who he is. Phillip is a male who is 5’5 in height and he has green eyes. Which stands out the most out of his features. He also has a round face and is bald. He wears average cloths like you and me nothing fancy. He’s a happy man who enjoys riding dirt bikes and snow cats. He’s a pretty smart fellow and has his high school diploma, and he's pretty self confident. A funny thing about him is his favorite sayings such as 10-4 i’m not sure why he says this, but he does. He also has a lot of tattoos 15 to be specific. His most important tattoo would have to be his daughters names and his wife's name on his left ring finger. Phillip was born September 21,1976. By a women named Marlien Red and the father Dee Red. His mother owned a hair salon and his father was a minor, but later joined her in doing hair. Phil had a older sister named Jodi and a older brother named Jerry Phillip was the baby of the family. He went to kellogg middle school and Kellogg high…show more content…
He had everything a man could want a wife kids dirt bikes cars snow cats. He had many friends who would go riding with him and help him out with projects. He was very well liked such as his father when i meet someone's parents and tell them my name I here my grandpas legacys along with my fathers and I feel so happy in the moment to know that that they made names for themselves and know that they've had people who still remember them even after so many years. Phillip is now 40 years old and still works in Alaska. He has moved since 205 sunset drive to cda. He works 3 weeks on 3 weeks off and is Still with Jennifer after 15 years going on 16.And, he still rides and enjoys life. He also still takes his girls riding, fishing ,and boating. He is still living the life of a father, Brother, uncle, cousin, and friend. That's the story of Phillip Richard

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