Roles Of Ict In Education

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ACADEMIC ESSAY: A nation’s standard of living is the most significant indicator of national economic performance. Economic growth is considered the most powerful engine for generating long term increases in standards of living. Economists identify technology as ideas or knowledge that helps to produce output from inputs. Having more technology means being capable of producing more output with a given amount of inputs. This digital revolution has created a brand new economic sector that simply did not exist before. Computers, modern telecommunication and the Internet all reduce communication costs and break down geographical borders. In the developed nations government policies are being established which attempts to ensure that all citizens…show more content…
Women nowadays play very important roles to develop or build better goals, with the ideas unexpected solution, problem solving and many more. ICTs are a great tools that can empower women with the variety of ideas. For example, women in India owned ICTs such as cell phone, radio and TV and had access to it, as evident. They used ICTs for instant messaging to keep in touch with family and friend, to report violence and other social networking issues. Besides that, ICT is a told to access news about weather and health information. In order to have all the information they used computer and internet to access the general information. Using the ICTs, adult literacy and education programmers to provide alternative jobs during health season in order to provide computer education to the peoples such as school children and educated peoples. The community very well and develop a relationship with the community. The women in Southern India can be quite challenging and time consuming with all the duties, tasks, works and so on. On top of that, women can play an important roles to develop a countries too. They can build up a better world with the creative ideas and many more. Women with the ICTs can conducted an organization with the specific skills in order to support communities and to meet the specific purposes. ICT for women’s development and explores theories based approach to address women…show more content…
Nowadays, there are so many impact that is related to ICT in education. ICT is the cause of today’s many social ills addiction obsession depression a condition of the state of being a persistent general emotional enslaved to a habit preoccupation, dejection and or practice idea, or feeling withdrawal; great sadness, online gambling, entertainment, online games fashion, sports bullying, harassment and so on. Besides that, peoples does not follow the rules. They simply make their own rules to conquer peoples. ICT can be accessible to anyone with unlimited access of information. Having unlimited access, can cause addiction of specific habit on the internet they surfing. Before the ICT, there is no online information, online, gaming, online gambling, pornographic addiction and so on which cause of death. Many countries, the parent neglected their new-born baby while busy play the online game and scoring the game. Besides that, with endless access of pornographic materials, online games, online gambling people can simply addicted to it with no time. It is obvious that ICT gives away to addiction with its unrestricted accessibility and this leads to social ills. Besides that, ICT can cause depression among peoples such as employees, students and normal peoples. This is happened because, people feel inferior. They think other peoples are better than them with amazing life. Some

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