Muscular Strength In Basketball

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Choice (COMM 1 mark): Muscular Strength Two reasons for your choice (COMM 2 marks): The reasons why I chose muscular strength because I want to focus on improving my vertical jump and ability to drive in basketball. Throughout my leisure time, I really enjoy playing basketball and my goal is to be able to get better at the game and decided to focus on certain areas that I need to work on. I recognize the strengths and weakness that I am capable of and driving and box out have not been the best and with my program, I can improve my upper body strength to complete the layout. Furthermore, developing my vertical jump is another component that is important when going for jump shots or defending. Concentrating muscular strength will enhance my…show more content…
This will likely be 2-3 days of upper body exercises including this one a week. Similar exercise and explanation (THINKING/INQUIRY 2 marks): A similar exercise I will also perform is Standing EZ Bar Curls because it works out the same muscles and is another alternative to this exercise. It will ultimately help me reach my same goal as it will be improving my chest and triceps strength. i) Examine your heart rate data from the beep test. Predict whether your heart rate at stage 3 of the beep test will decrease or increase by the next round of fitness testing. Explain using your understanding of the meaning of the term aerobic capacity. (THINKING/INQUIRY 3): My heart rate should decrease at stage 3 of the beep test during the next round of fitness testing. This is because as I am working out my aerobic capacity, I will be improving my heart strength. This will make so that my heart doesn't have to push itself as much as it did last beep test to get the same amount of blood pumping at around 3. Name of equipment (THINKING/INQUIRY 1 mark): Treadmill Explanation of two considerations when choosing (THINKING/INQUIRY 2…show more content…
The treadmill is a great aerobic capacity worker as it is all about cardiovascular work and spending at least 20 mins on the treadmill will enhance my aerobic capacity, heart rate, and blood flow. In addition, the quick pace of basketball is fanatic when running around chasing the ball to score and sudden shift of speed is quite important. Not to mention, the rest period between basketball are similar to the beep test since it quick and speed changes rapidly and a treadmill is a matching tool to my goal. All and all, these factors will improve my aerobic capacity and goal for basketball which is a great pick for helping me build my ability. ii) Why did you choose to improve this component of fitness? (COMM 1 mark) I chose to improve this component of fitness as it is important when playing basketball and by improving it, I can improve my overall game. iii) Apply the S.M.A.R.T. goal-setting model to express your goal above. You do not have to include an action

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