Biomedical Science Career Statement

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Biomedical science is passionate and constantly developing area and hence a person in this career can enjoy a vast number of career opportunities like in specialist laboratory work, research and education as well as they can serve the human society. I Being a curious person having some little knowledge about biology have always been interested in human body and always wanted to know how the complex process of human body works. It’s truly a wonder of nature. And my goal is to understand to the fullest of my capacity. I believe that being able to pursue a career in biomedical science will help me in accomplishing this goal. I, Ritika Bharti, born in Punjab, India completed my year 10 from R.K.S senior secondary public school, Moga (Punjab) affiliated…show more content…
I have always been fascinated by biology, especially in the human body. pursuing a career in biomedical science will help to enhance my potential knowledge and skills in both science and engineering. Being interested in the human body and science, I believe that this is a great advantage for me to pursue a degree in biomedical sciences. To step ahead for my aim, I investigate about colleges as well as universities in India and also took some counseling after passing out my year 12 and I did look for various institutions that are offering bachelor of biomedical science in India but i end up finding that studying a subject like biomedical science that demands a lot of research and new technology would not a great option in…show more content…
and if i get a chance I would like to advance to honours or postgraduate studies more specialized areas of biomedical science. With regards to Funding, my family can handle all my living expenses and tuition fees in Australia. I am really looking forward to study at Deakin and will be highly obligated if you would provide me the opportunity to study my bachelor degree at Deakin university. I assure that I will abide by Australian laws and will not break my student visa conditions. I am sure this degree will help me to build a confidence which I can carry throughout my

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