Role Of Ict In Educational Industry

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The role of ICT in the industry. If we look at how technology has changed and improved in the last 15 years,its evident its has improved in a truomandus rate.Moore’s law roughly states that technology evolves every two years. ICT plays a big role in anything in todays society without us even not noticing.ICT has changed our daily lives trumandously.It has changed the way we do business,the way we live,the way we interact and most importantly, the way we learn.Its obvious in this Golden Age of technology,information and Economy ,the use of technology is everywhere and for those who can access and use information and technology effectively and efficiently can aquire a lot.Which means ICT plays a major role in todays different industries.Ive have…show more content…
Education ICT is a very important in The education industry as it provides various tools for teaching and learning.Schools or any other Educational institutions are without the benefits of tools ICT has to offer are considered not up to standard and a crisis in countries.I shall state the various tools ICT offers in the educational industry,what role it plays and how. The ICT tools can be categorized into 3 groups:Input source, Output Source and others. Access to the Internet is the most influential tool. Not only does the internet contain masses amounts of information about anything,it also connects the entire world breaking the distance boundry.So learners can have access to computer has access to emmerse amount of information that’s on the internet. They can find information and do research on school projects,find out information about any type of career they interested in,find bursaries and basically anything they want information…show more content…
Whether it’s a big coporation or just a small business, any company that aims to expand and improve efficiency will make use of ICT.IT also Improves customer services and demands. In the recent years ,companies started to develop departments dedicated to ICT and acknowledge its benefits and use in the business.It plays an important role for entire industries, sectors and within individual enterprise. One of them is the increasing rate of the strategic Importance of ICT in companies.The importance of ICT is high in research and development, customer services and logistics.A ICT infrastructure is an answer to meet that demand.An ICT infrastructure is a name to describe all computer and communications hardware and software used to manage CLERICAL,administrative and management tasks in companies.A big function CIT enables is MIS( Management information system) which is a computer based system that provides managers with tools to organize ,evaluate and efficiently manage departments within an organization.It Includes the palns for how the company will build, deploy, use and share its data,processes and MIS assets.A carefully planned out MIS infrastructure can improve productivity,optimize business operations,generate growth, increase profitablity and while all still reducing cost.Most employers in companies use ICT tools in order to perform their

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