The Pros And Cons Of American Education

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Five days out of a seven day week for eight months, students across America get up early and go to school for seven hours a day. They are taught what America’s school boards think the students should know. They are taught how important and beneficial education is in order to be successful in life.They are taught a given curriculum and a hidden curriculum that teaches students things they are going to encounter in their workplace. Students learn how to socialize and work with others. They learn responsibility, time management, and prioritizing. There are so many aspects of American education that are beneficial to students, parents, and the school, but there are also multiple issues that need to be addressed to make America’s schools even better. This year is my first year taking dual enrollment and AP classes at Fontainebleau High School, and I…show more content…
And yet the standardized test treats them as if they were all identical; identical to the group that took the test several years ago, and to which the test has been ‘normed.’... Standardized tests favor those who have socio-economic advantages. Test companies (a multi-billion dollar a year industry) not only manufacture the tests, they also manufacture the courses and programs that can be taken to “prepare for the test.” If you have the money, you can even get special tutors that will help you do well on a test. If you don’t have the money, and your school is in a low socio-economic area that gets less funding than rich suburban schools, then you’re not getting the same preparation for the test as those at the higher socio-economic levels

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