Ist Assignment: The Role Of ICT In Various Industries

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Tiro Tshenkeng 201429820 Business Analysis 2A 1ST Assignment The role of ICT in various industries. Introduction ICT is a broad term that includes any communication device or application, in most times it is difficult to explain since its concepts, methods and applications are always evolving on an almost daily basis making it difficult for industries to keep up with its frequent changes. According to the European commission ; the importance of ICT rely less on the technology as it is, than it is able to create greater access to information and communication in undeserved populations. ICT is also being considered as an assisting tool ICT has different roles on various industries. ICT in the Business industry: The general agreement in the…show more content…
Change or improvements in schools can only happen if teachers understand themselves and are understood by others, their reluctance to adapt innovations also needs to be seen in the context of existing technology and commitments. Hence the contribution to changes in teaching principles, school innovation and community services are being taken into consideration. There are three significant concerns of consideration regarding ICTs impact on education; Firstly: Because of the impact that IICT has, students obtain higher grades in school subjects or modules. Secondly: There are improved attitudes towards learning and teaching in the classrooms. Thirdly: Other outcomes such as increased innovativeness in schools and access of community members to adult education and literacy are also being highly considered. ICT use in education system of developed countries differs from ICT use in developing…show more content…
ICT should be fundamental information management tool at all levels of an educational system…Recognition is required to link ICT to education policies, hence there are major points that educational policies should focus on; Firstly: ICT can offer a more effective, relevant and flexible mode of learning for the underprivileged and general people. Secondly: In order for students to be able to transfer their newly gained ICT skills to other applications to use in an ICT rich environment, teachers should be able to skilfully redesign learning environments. Thirdly: Because most educational policies reflect the need for ICT infrastructure but left out the need for educational content, the development of instructional content-ware remains aa neglected area which therefore ends up affecting investments in hardware and resulting in a heavy economic loss. Fourthly: Concentrate on technological alternatives that, at low cost bring to students the imagination and creativity of a few excellent teachers. ICT is significant in education because of the major differences it has in the teaching approaches and the way students are learning. Therefore the roles of ICT in education should be evaluated in order to work for the effective functioning of the technology in their education

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