Mismatch Of Unployment

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Mismatch of qualifications with employers needs means that knowledge taught in the higher education and what is expected by the employers in the job market does not perfectly match. When the current students were asked on the causes of unemployment among fresh graduates in Malaysia, majority of the students strongly agreed that lack of experience are the major cause of unemployment, followed by capability to communicate well in English language, lack of interpersonal skills and least respondents feel that lack of ICT literacy contribute to unemployment. This shows the current students expectation is reverse to the graduate students who are working. So, higher education needs to provide the right direction to their students. Low demand and…show more content…
Many courses are offered by the higher education institution but not all courses offer the high job opportunity. This cause the graduate students feel that lack of demand and supply information on labour market is one of the causes of unemployment, expectation due to lack of information on the transition between higher education institutions and job market. Students’ exposure to the real job…show more content…
Counselling unit of their previous colleges or institution should play their hole helping the student to find their future path. For example they should recommend what courses and job are highly demands in the market and what course hardly to get jobs especially in Malaysia. Career exam also should be carried out by the counselling unit for the students so that the students know what they forte. This can help the student to make better decision for their future and career path. After STPM, diploma and matriculation result have been released, the students will make application to further their study to degree level through university central unit (UPU). If the results of the student meet the requisite, higher probability they can have their desired course but when the result did not meet the requisite, lower change the system will offer desired course. Basically, they study in their courses most probably because they have to as their previous result wasn't good enough to get into the desired course. Besides that, they might have followed their parents' advices to study in higher education regardless their interest and profession. This makes students feel like they are being force and lack of interest and exposure to the real desired learning process.

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