Musical Theatre Analysis: Movie Review: Dreamgirls

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For my musical theatre review paper, I decide to analysis Dreamgirls. This film/musical allows the viewer/audience to get an insight into the trials and tribulations that the girls had to overcome. The motion picture also captures the Broadway lifestyle from the performers' perspectives and also the business aspect of the difficult times. The move is a flashback to the past to give awareness of the problematic situations that performers had to face and also an African Americans in the music industry. Dreamgirls has the ability to sway your emotions about the reality of the showbiz because you're able to get real similar experiences that allow you to generate relations to current acts and also past performers stories that we’re never told. The…show more content…
The Dreamgirls had the dream and the vision already planned out in their head but had to over the barriers of being a woman at the time and also African American. Watching the girls having the ability to amaze the world and overcome their weakness gives the impression of anything is possible. Once you’re able to overcome failure and fear, you are able to accomplish anything in life you dream of and the girls are the explain people can relate to. The girls also were from the lower middle class of Chicago and were able to create stardom like it wasn’t no tomorrow because they pick their soul and blood into every song. Even with all the fame and money life still wasn’t perfect. The film also gives me the insight on the pain and suffering that the performers still faced such as drugs and alcohol. It shows that money doesn’t fix mental and emotional problems and that mental health is key to survival in a rough showbiz. The music business also shows friends and family will turn their back for more fame or money. In my opinion, the lifestyle is a double head sword with pros and cons of the situation and you make it to your standards, but this film displays that sometimes things might become overwhelming. This can also be very relatable to Detroit natives or current residents because the music gives its own…show more content…
So many settings in my opinion only enchanted the musical to bring the message to life for the viewer. The element of the set worked successfully to set the mood of the musical. When the performers took the stage the lights are just as important as the performance because the lights were colorful and full of life to support the current setting to create a beautiful sight to see. The costumes were also unique and nice because the dress we’re shiny and bright and this worked great with the lighting because of the sparkling clothing grabs the attention the of the viewer. Now for the sound, this wraps all the settings, lighting, and costumes in one the sound completes it because of the amazing and the ability that trio is capable of. I did find the performers believe by using realism because the musical was able to be related back to current times or issues in life. Also, the musical was easy to relate to allowing me to be able to move closer to the

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