Personal Assignment: A Personal Statement Of A Primary Teacher

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Personal Statement I am a very enthusiastic learner and a good communicator with a strong zeal to contribute and make a real difference to young people’s lives and society in general through teaching. I am seeking the position of a primary teacher in a school that will provide me with the opportunity to develop my skills and knowledge as a teacher and achieve a real difference to children’s lives through teaching. I have an excellent rapport, communication skills and ability to mix with children effortlessly which pave the way for me to work with children of different aptitude and skills. I also possess the ability to motivate and inspire the children with the love of learning by creating a happy, safe and nurturing environment that will ensure achievement; the will to try new techniques that could help students improve their skills and the ability to create an effective and engaging student centred teaching and planning approach to ensure that the needs of all children are met as well as the ability to apply behaviour management rules using research skills and personal commitment needed to ensure that all students achieve and fulfil their academic potentials.…show more content…
I am highly skilled in using the various tools such as ICT (Smartboards, computers, audio-visual aids), and other equipment and materials to enhance learning and make the teaching interesting and effective. I also enjoy strong personal relations, team-working skills and ability to work with and apply all school policies by listening and actively seeking pupils and colleagues constructive feedback, on all aspects of

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