Bldc Motor Advantages And Disadvantages

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Nowadays numerous motors extensively used in automobile application, defence application and in white goods. These motors are intended to have small size, light weight, high power density and to be eco-friendly. Among various motors, brushless DC motor (BLDC) is one of the most used motors to meet above demands. BLDC motor have gained a rapid adoption in the market and over a broad range of motion control applications due to the specific benefits they have over traditional brushed DC motors such as less maintenance, higher operating speed, high efficiency, robust operation, compactness, less electrical noise and better torque to weight ratios[5]. BLDC motors are type of permanent magnet synchronous motors. They are driven by the dc voltage…show more content…
It consists of a three phase inverter composed of switches that could be insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) or MOSFETs. If MOSFETs are used, body diodes are to be connected across switch while if IGBTs are used then anti-parallel diodes are to be connected for carrying reverse currents. MOSFETs give lower turn-off switching loss and usually lower diode forward drop, but that advantage may be offset by higher ON-state voltage drop and turn-on switching/diode reverse recovery loss than IGBTs. The three phases BLDC motor is operated in a two-phases ON fashion i.e. two phases that produce highest torque are energized while the third phase is OFF. Depending on rotor position two phases are energized. From the position sensors, a three digit number signal is produced that changes every 600 (electrical degrees). Figure shows ideal current and back-emf waveforms. Current commutation is done by a six step inverter as shown in figure. Table shows the switching interval, the phase current and the position sensor signals. In order to obtain constant output power and thus a constant output torque, current is driven through a motor winding during the flat portion of the back-EMF waveform.

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