Essay On Lies

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Lies, lies everywhere; not an atom to spare! Everything in nature, every person in the world has told lies and endured lies. Lying is inherent in the making of the universe. Its presence is inevitable. Dreams lie, scientific studies lie, medical tests lie, computers lie, butterflies lie, foxes lie, the atmosphere lies, water lies, shopkeepers lie, best friends lie, soul-mates lie and everybody else lies. Lies fill the world. But are all lies immoral? In a scene from the Mahabharata, at Kurukshetra, Krishna tells Yudhishtira to let know of Ashwatthama's death to Drona. In order not to break his dharma of always uttering the truth, Yudhishtira affirms to Drona that Ashwatthama is dead, but under his breath, adds that it was an elephant. Lying was never of any virtue to Yudhishtira. In this case he got lucky because Bhima had, just at the nick of time, slayed an elephant named, coincidentally, the same as that of Drona's son, Ashwatthama. However, to Krishna the falsity was justified. He was concerned with the larger…show more content…
Kids fake the day's happenings to spare themselves a lecture or scolding from teachers or parents and give their ears some rest. Husbands with extra-marital affairs lie to their wives to keep the peace at home intact and consequently, save their marriage. Huckleberry Finn lied to Tom Sawyer's Aunt Sally so that he wouldn't be denied shelter at their place. Huck, however, was a habitual lier. Huckleberry, through his fib, saved many lives. He took the act of lying to a whole new level. For instance, he spilled pig's blood all over the floor of his Pap's shack and presented the picture that the house had been robbed, he himself had been murdered and drowned in the river. In fact he was hiding in a canoe, that had strayed within his reach by chance, in a dark cranny of a creek that diverged from the river. This done, he spared both Pap and himself of each other's company. In its own way it was a righteous
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