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1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Traditionally, teaching and learning process is not limited between the four walls. Nowadays, the invention of technologies has made the teaching and learning process become easy and flexible for lecturers and students. Lecturers may deliver the lecture using many types of methods, which is suited to their agenda. Meanwhile, the students would prefer to pass through a simple and easy teaching and learning which will help them to keep up their performance in the field. Hence, several methods of teaching and learning have been developed to cater the needs of lecturer and students which can be implemented or useful in diverse kinds of university, college or institution. One of the developed methods is blended learning. Blended education, also known as hybrid learning, which combines face-to-face interaction in classroom with online education is going places and making headlines along the way. A formal education of blended learning program, where a student learns through delivery of the content and instruction via digital and online media with some element of student control i.e, time, place, and pace (Friesen, 2012). In recent years, blended learning has become part of the educational landscape (Wu et. al., 2008). A “Blended Learning” term is…show more content…
Singh (2003) stressed that blended learning provides more benefits and is more effective than traditional e-learning. According to Raja Maznah (2004), most public universities in Malaysia have prepared a strategic plan for implementing pure electronic university. This program includes the educational activity and learning program will be taken via online or web based to replace the traditional learning in the classroom. By agreeing with her, it is shown that universities in Malaysia are ready for the online delivery learning which supports distance

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