Magnetic Force Lab Report

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Jayson Jones Physics How is Magnetic force related to Distance between Magnets? Research Question: How is the mass of magnetic cart 2 related to the distance between the magnetic carts? Background: The objective of the lab was to compare to carts to maglev trains so we can understand how the train are able to sit on a magnetic force and not touch the track and what is cause the two to repel and to be able to see what creates the force that the trains sit on and to understand why the train and how the train is able to sit on a magnetic force.The Lab also allows us to see if mass plays a role in the force that is being created. Hypothesis: If we add mass(weights) to the cart then the distance between the two magnets will increase because if the cart is at itś inital wieght itĺl be lighter and the distance between the magnets will increase because the magnetic force is much stronger when the force doesn't acquire…show more content…
Record the angle: Place one cart in a fixed position at the bottom of the track. Measure and record mass of a the weight. Place the first cart on the track above the block. Measure the distance between the cart and the wall and record that value in a data table next to the mass of the cart. Using an electronic balance, determine the mass of some additional material provided by your instructor. Add the mass to the upper cart. Measure the new distance between the carts and record both the additional mass value and the new distance measurement in your data table. Repeat step 3 until you have 6 mass and distance pairs. Data Collection:During Trails(#) Distance(cm) Mass(grams) 0 2.2 cm 0 grams 1 2 cm 50 grams 2 1.10 cm 200 grams 3 1 cm 1000 grams 4 1.6 cm 500 grams 5 2 cm 100 grams

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