Essay On Modern Technology

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From the stone age to the modern age, many technological revolution held in the Earth. The impact on the technology in humans lives is unmeasurable. We use technology every day, in order to fulfil specific task or specific interest. For instance, we used steam powered train on the colonial era but now we use electronic trains. People’s creativity and communication has affected by the technology. But how? Firstly, this technology had improved the communication on Earth. According to the history, the first communication device had created by the Sumerians. They developed the cuneiform writing. The first electrical communication device created by Alexander Graham Bell and and Thomas A. Watson in 1876. In 21st century the technology has been improved and its make us easy to communicate with each other. Human-machine interfaces keep changing to suite the devices that are common at a particular time, and the interfaces have a great…show more content…
This technology has replace many humans. Robots are doing the jobs which used done by the humans. In future the human race will not get any jobs and the robots and other technological things will replace the government. Many packing firms have employed the robots on production lines to increase production and efficiency. An also, this technology will help for the massive destruction of the human race and the earth. Modern technology has been the main aid in increasing and endless war. It aid the manufacturing of modern weapons, for example nuclear weapon, which will require testing. This technology also creating the bio weapon to conquer other nations. Technology allows us to be always be reachable if we want to be, no matter where we are and what are you doing. We must prevent the disadvantages in the technology. Sometimes the creativity affect the massive destruction for the human race. If we prevent the negative affect, we will enjoy our life and save the human race from
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