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My clinical experience so far has been very exciting. The unit for the most part are welcoming to students which encouraged me to be outside of my comfort zone and experimenting new skills and and applying what I have previously learned from previous classes. Our most recent shift was quite exhilarating because we had to perform our first real head to toe assessment on an actual patient which went fairly smooth and I can only thank CNUR 107 for solidifying the information needed to start and develop a system to assess my patient with ease. Aside from assessments, I had the opportunity to perform a few procedures as well. While finishing up my documentation, bed 4’s partner/spouse had frantically asked Teagan and I for help. The patient had just came back from his hemodialysis catheter insertion and the incision had not clot. Our first action which was contact for help, donned our PPE and the staff, Teagan and I ran inside to assess the patient’s vital signs and wound. We received orders to apply pressure directly on the incision and improved the patient’s oxygen saturations throughout our last 45 minutes on the unit. The situation was then under control and the staff was…show more content…
We assessed, found where the bleeding was from, the nurse gave us orders, we intervened and evaluated. Without even noticing, we had acted out the nursing process, which can be described as “adpie”. (Kozier, 2010) After leaving the unit, I wished the thought of the nursing process would have come sooner then I would not be as flustered. I also found myself being caught up with perfecting my assessments and procedures which is not necessarily unacceptable, but I start to neglect the foundation that was taught. With this experience, I now understand the importance of the acronym and how it is used widely amongst the nursing staff. It is a basic fundamental and it should not be forgotten, but instead become second nature to

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