Nursing Reflective Model

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Introduction Nursing reflective practice is important because it provides nurses with a conscious and systematic approach to reflect the previous experiences and behaviours in order to enhance self-awareness of weakness, encourage the continuing self-professional development and maintain and improve the nursing care skills and knowledge (Paterson & Chapman, 2013; Oelofsen, 2012). This essay will discuss a nursing skill which can enhance my competence in nursing practice. Gibbs reflective model (Gibbs, 1988) will be used to discuss how I can achieve this competence in my future nursing clinical placement since it is a theoretical model and it is easy for students to understand, follow and use for the clinical reflection (Lia, 2010). Gibbs cycle is also beneficial for students as comparing with other reflection models, it expands the principle of reflective thinking into six steps, which are: Description, Feeling, Evaluation, Analysis, Conclusion and Action plan (Gibbs,…show more content…
Looking back to my experience, double-checking medication can effectively prevent making medication errors and protect patients from harm. Researches from Cohen (2015) found that a surgical error was caught up by a surgeon because he double-checked all required equipment in the operation theatre prior to the surgery, which proved the importance of double-checking. Also, a study of the effectiveness of double-checking medications compared with single-checking was done in a NSW Hospital, and the result showed that double-checking significantly reduced the medication error rate (Ramasamy, Baysanri, Lehnborn & Westbrook, 2013). Furthermore, researches in the past ten years showed that effective double-checking skills can detect up to 95% of the preventable medication errors (Kruse H, Johnson A, O’Connell D, et al., 1992; White RE, Trbovich PL, Easty AC, et al.,
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