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S: How was your clinical experience this week? This week was the first away football game of the season and the first time I got to travel with a team. It was a great learning experience to see what goes into preparing for an away game. O: What did you discuss? See? Do? Skills used? Get your hands on? Etc. This week Dani and I were in charge of packing all the supplies for the away game because we were the two traveling this week. I do have some experience traveling with sports teams at Chemeketa. I was responsible for packing all the tape and other items for the NWAACC championship softball tournament. Dani on the other had didn’t have much experience and got overwhelmed quickly. I tried my best to help her by breaking everything into small tasks instead of having a bid list of everything that needs to be done. This strategy helped for the most part but I could still tell she was having trouble with everything we needed to do.…show more content…
We had a real problem with others in the senior class trying to take over the process of packing. This was very frustrating because people would just undo everything we had gotten done for the day. I tried to include everyone who wanted to help but explained Dani and I were in charge and they had to listen to us. Some students didn’t take this well and decided not to help, others understood and gladly let us lead. Due to all these problems packing took almost the entire week. Katie said it should have only taken a few days. We also ran into some problems during prep for the game because so much stuff had been moved around and changed on Friday when Dani and weren’t able to be at

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