New Orleans Narrative

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“Put your hands up where we can see them”, that’s what the police officers are telling me as I slowly rise my hands over my head from my spot on the ground. Your probably wondering why I’m being arrested in the first place. If you really care you’re also wondering if I’m ok. Well, to those of you who care I’m fine and for those of you who are curious about my arrest, the story starts on the first day of my vacation to New Orleans. This day started off as a regular Wednesday morning. I was strolling around in a field filled with birds dancing around me. Then I was rudely awakened by the loud “knock, knock” on my door. As I rolled out of bed to check my door I saw my big alarm clock blaring its dangerously bright red numbers shining in my face.…show more content…
We pull up to the hotel and are greeted with a luggage cart. We pile our luggage up onto the cart and go to the front desk. I give Kelsey (that’s what her name tag said at least) our information and she hands me to hotel room key cards. Nariah snatches the second card form my hand and nearly dashes across the lobby to the elevator. I thank Kelsey and push the cart over to the elevator. As I start to make my way over to the elevator, I notice that some of the luggage is starting to tip to the left. I hurriedly rush over to the left of the cart and slowly try and ease the back in place. All of a sudden about ten different bags fall on me at once. My butt connects directly with the marble floor and I yelp in pain. I can hear Nariah’s laughs as she walks over to my spot on the ground. “Are you ok”, she asks with a smirk on her face. “Yeah why wouldn’t I be”, I ask. “Well you know you just fell…..on the floor”. “Yeah still don’t see your point”, I say as I ease my aching butt off the ground. She shakes her head and helps me collect the bags that fell on the floor. We neatly stack them back onto the luggage cart and enter the elevator’s open doors. We go to our room and play rock-paper-scissors to see who gets the bed beside the window. I obviously lose the battle and end up with the bed right beside the air conditioner. We step up are stuff the way we want and then we decide to go out to eat. We decided

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