Quality And Safety Education For Nursing Reflection Paper

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In the leadership in care delivery course, we were assigned to a hospital to preform clinical hours and provide care to four patients. Additionally, the purpose of this paper is to explain and provide examples of how our patient care included the concepts of Quality and Safety Education for Nursing (QSEN) competencies, delegation, hand off reporting, and a reflection of our clinical experience. Quality and Safety Education for Nursing (QSEN) Competencies To provide patient centered care, I had to educate the patient when administering medications about why the patient was taking the medication and side effects. Care had to be individualized with each patient and respect his or her decisions. An example include respecting when a patient refused to take lactulose because it…show more content…
For quality improvement the unit has data on how many infections have occurred with central line and use of benchmarks and evidence based practice to prevent infections. For instance, I had to perform proper hand washing and scrub the hub for at least 30 seconds with alcohol pads to prevent infections with patients who have PICC lines. Sherwood and Zomorodi (2014) state, nurses should include the patient and their family as part of the team. This falls under the teamwork and collaboration section of QSEN. This is a crucial consideration of our care because our care is based on the patient’s decisions and input of their family members. An example of this was when the nurse had to call a patient’s family member to provide permission to place a nasogastric tube if the patient continued to refuse eating meals. An example during my clinical experience to provide patient safety was when I had to call the physician to clarify a medication order to ensure we selected the correct frequency of the medication. The clarification was used to prevent a medication error. For the informatics section, we used EPIC an electronic medical record to chart patients’ assessments, repositioning, and daily care

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