Foreshadowing Ideas In Shakespeare's Henry V

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Henry V, a young prince destined to take over the throne, but chooses to spend is time in the bars with the commoners of the land. When King Henry VI passes away is his son ready to change his way of life, take over the throne and lead England through war against France? Shakespeare and Tom Hiddleston take us through Henry V amazing transformation. Opening with a small boy running through fields picking a flower for the funeral of Henry V is a great foreshadowing image done by the director. Not focusing on the fall of Henry V, but showing all the people of England coming together to be by his side in death. It shows that the King that people questioned early on, lead them to follow him trustingly in the end. All those who fought by his side…show more content…
Showing King Henry disguise himself to discover how his troops are handling the night before battle is a little manipulative, but shows his fear there might be traitors in his own camp. This scene in the movie showed King Henry’s sincerity toward his men speaking to them and allowing them to bear their true thoughts and feeling of the war. If these men had known they were speaking to the King, he would have never received the honest…show more content…
In the way the speech is delivered the audience can slightly hear the uncertainty in his voice, much like he is trying to convince himself as much as the town of Harfluer of his power. King Henry is a man trying to act as he thinks a great king should, but to the audience it comes across as a man who does not want the blood on his hands. With that image in everyone’s mind it makes the prayer right before battle a genuinely persuasive the God of battles not to desert him. This prayer before battle is the one point I feel like Tom really lets Henry’s fear show, the fear that his father’s crimes against Richard II will be held against him and his men as they enter the battle

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