Why Sign Up To Social Media Cause Stress And Anxiety?

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Social Scare Why sign up to social media when you know it would cause stress and anxiety? The best way to describe what social media is knowing that media is an instrument to communicate like a newspaper therefore social media would be a social instrument. Today, teens have become more and more dependant on social media and it has started to effect their lives in many ways. Teens love it, they need it and nothing can get in the way of them getting rid of it even though they know that it hurts them all the time. Everything is on social media. There seems to be no need for newspapers or magazines anymore - we can immediately get whatever news we wish to have, on our smart phones. Social media has changed the way people interact with each…show more content…
According to the campaign there are 16 million people are currently feeling depressed due to how they look and one in four say they have avoided speaking out either at school or even hanging out with their friends. They are “promoting living and wellbeing over weight loss and appearance”. They are ensuring that the young people from an early age, are well educated about their body confidence. Would you say, if nobody had social media, teenagers wouldn't have anxiety? It’s not because of having social media however it’s about what you do on it. Posting selfies and getting bad comments would make you rather sad. It’s the negative energy that some people bring on social media that weakens the person on the other side. Celebrities naming David Beckham says that he plays with lego to calm himself and control his anxiety. Singer Adele also suffers from anxiety because of her appearance and weight and has been reminded a couple of times by Karl Lagerfeld that she is a “little too fat” and this has affected her in many ways. On the other hand, society is trying to follow in the footsteps of skinny models, and becoming paranoid about your weight can lower your levels of confidence, and this affects the way you interact with people, not wanting to hang out with

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