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The difficulties in tacit knowledge in contemporary nursing are numerous; 1. The dynamism of the society is based on facts that are documented 2. Accountability in all nursing procedures dares the use of tacit knowledge that can be acted upon and held-onto in the interdisciplinary health team. 3. An expert in the nursing team cannot delegate another staff based on tacit knowledge- you have to do it yourself 4. no law court will accept any evidence that is not documented. 5. evidence based practice is based on what is documented. 6. New nurses would need some time to grasp the knowledge from older nurses. The problem of nurses eating their young is a big barrier to the new nurses tapping into the know -how of the experienced ones. From the…show more content…
The challenge for nurses is to critically reflect on experience to bring about change in practice. Tacit knowledge is stored within the person. It is latent and can only be manifest through a deliberate interactional process that makes it explicit. Tacit knowledge is acquired during ones working experience. It is the kind of knowledge that is difficult to transfer to another person by means of writing it down or verbalizing. For this reason it can contain erroneous meaning to another person who is just observing without a deliberate one on one explanation. However nursing is loaded with people who have tacit knowledge and have worked over the years without putting these down. Knowing in nursing is a unique personal type of knowledge that uses the individual's subjective view of personal experience. It is a dynamic process which comes as a result of personal reflection as the nurse works and interacts with the society. Its antecedents are experience. This concept has brought nursing to the limelight as it has created a body of knowledge specific to

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