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The article “With minimum wage rising, is America ready for $15-an-hour working world?” by the Los Angeles Times is an article that focuses on the push to raise minimum wages without showing bias, or leaning towards one opinion on the topic. In the first section, “Will it Help or Hurt”, the author talks about how some politicians believe the rise of minimum wage will help cure poverty. The author then talks about the topic from a business owners point of view and writes of how they are concerned that they will lose money and claim that millions of jobs will be lost. The author shows they are un-biased when they sum up the section by stating that “It’s effects may not be as bad nor good as each side claims”. The author then talks about cities that have…show more content…
The workers who have minimum wage jobs will now have spending money and not have to rely on the government to supply certain goods and services to them. The author also says that this may have a ripple effect and cause prices in stores to rise. In the city of Oakland who's minimum wage rose to $12.25 an hour prices started to rise, this can be demonstrated when the author writes “Food caterer David Smith raised the price of his dishes by $2 to $3 a plate. This example may not be that drastic of a change but it will make a difference in the long run. The author then touches on the other side of the argument even more they write about job losses. The author claims “low-paid workers may lose their jobs or find fewer openings”. This essentially eliminates the purpose of raising the minimum wages because the goal is to help people out of poverty not push them deeper into poverty. According to The Congressional Budget Office raising the minimum wage to just over ten dollars would lead to a half-million job losses. This isn't even the full 15 dollars that has been proposed so the number of jobs lost would be even

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