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Discuss how you are using reflective practice and code of conduct in your professional development. Introduction Reflective practice is defined as “something more than thoughtful practice. It is a form of practice which seeks to problematize many situations of professional performance, so that they can become potential learning situations and so the practioners can continue to learn, grow and develop through practice. (Jarvis, 1992 P180) (Cited in Mclure, 2004 pg 03) This essay will discuss how I am using reflective practice and codes of conduct in my professional development. It will also demonstrate the link between the codes of conduct, reflective practice and professional development. In relation, to a reflection on an aspect of my clinical…show more content…
During my placement on the ward, I received a phone call from a gentleman whom was requesting some information about one of the patients, who he was claiming to be a friend of. I felt if I gave the information I would breach the NMC code of conduct. Therefore, I put the phone on hold, and confirmed what I should do with the nurse. Therefore, I apologised stating I cannot tell this information due to confidentiality and I advised the gentleman to come to the ward during visiting hours to speak to the nurse in charge of the patient to get the information. During this situation, I managed to uphold a key principle of the code: ‘respect people’s right to confidentiality’ (NMC, 2008); as I had learnt the main principles of the NMC Codes of conduct prior to placements. Also, this principle is enunciated about in the Caldiott report (1997) (cited in Crook 2003) and Confidentiality: NHS Code of Practice (DH, 2003) Receiving positive feedback from the charge nurse for carrying out the correct protocol in relation to following the NMC codes of conduct principle ‘respect people’s right to confidentiality’. (NMC, 2010). It allowed me to reflect on the approach I procured and how I didn’t breach confidentiality and abided the Code of

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