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5. Challenges of Dealing with Students with Reading Difficulties There are a lot of challenges facing the teachers while dealing with students with reading difficulties. The aim of reading is comprehension and many students with reading difficulties suffering from the lack of the aspect of comprehension which creates a big problem for teachers when teaching them . These challenges include teaching sounds, shortage of materials, and inadequate time that needs to teach reading and mother tongue. Lerner (2006) demonstrates that there are lots of problems that may carry forward into adolescence and develop to the worse such as low self -esteem and poor social relationships, these problems may develop to be as learned helplessness, low motivation…show more content…
In addition, teachers also have their own perceptions about reading difficulties causes . Students' reading ability is affected by the home environment either positively or negatively, which is very important for a child’s growth in all aspects of life, where there are lots of factors at home may lead to having reading difficulties such as lack of textbooks and reading materials, mother tongue interference, lack of motivation, parents’ literacy levels, effects of poverty ( such as poor nutrition, lack of utilities of studies such as furniture), lighting system's kind or nature, lack of support by parents, guardians and the community as whole…show more content…
Problems related to comprehension: Reading comprehension refers to the process of making meaning from text, in order to obtain an overall understanding of the text rather than obtaining meaning from isolated words or sentences, where students develop during reading process intellectual models of the meaning of the text ideas in order to understand the text being read, these intellectual models are classified into two classes: a text-based model and a situation model, where a text-based model is an intellectual representation of the text's propositions, but a situation model consisting of what the text is perceived to be about . In the socio-cultural context, there are four basic reader variables that impact his / her efficiency of reading comprehension, where may work together and affect children with reading difficulties and put them in a continuous cycle of reading failure: (a) the task, (b) the text, (c) the readers' characteristics and the last one is (d) the activity's

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