Reading Difficulties In Teaching Reading

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A study " Reading difficulties in grade six learners and challenges faced by teachers in teaching reading" which conducted by Linda Mwanamukubi (2013) aimed to discover the factors that contribute to causing reading difficulties among the learners of grade six and the challenges faced by teachers in teaching reading. The sample contained 206 participants from 10 schools in Chadiza and Chipata districts of the Eastern province of Zambia by applying quantitative and qualitative research designs and derived information through teacher questionnaire. The result of the study found that most of the students of six grade were not able to read fluently and when they read, they did mistakes like substituting, adding and eliminating some words and mispronouncing, but from the teachers' point of view, the causes of reading difficulties contained psychological factors, communication and language problems . A study " The students' genre awareness and their reading comprehension of different text types" which conducted by…show more content…
The study supposed that the first-year English students will benefit from using these strategies and accomplish comprehension in reading if they use it appropriately. In order to test the hypothesis, they collected data about the use of these strategies and the ability to accomplish comprehension in reading by conducting a questionnaire and practical exercises to students. The findings of this study after distributing the questionnaire and collected the data needed showed that the students’ problems in reading can be avoided to achieve comprehension in reading effectively but there are some students faced some problems in reading because of the misuse of reading strategies

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