Features Of Internet Essay

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Features of Internet technology: The Internet. What is “Internet”? The Internet is a worldwide network of computers. It is an interconnection of large and small networks around the globe making it one of the most powerful communications tool. It endows its users with instantaneous access to a huge pool of data, tools and the information to accomplish many different tasks, allowing its user to The following are few of the features that the Internet showcases:- 1. Freedom to speech: The Internet is a common area, like a public space, except that it is the largest common area that has ever existed. Anyone having a particular opinion about something can be heard by everyone else with access to the Internet, and this world-wide community is as large and diverse as humanity itself. Therefore, from a practical point of view, no one community's standards can govern the type of speech…show more content…
Path of Data transfer: One of the biggest difference between an internet connection and a phone connection is the path of the data transfer. A telephone call is circuit-based and establishes a dedicated path to transmit an entire conversation from the start. But for Internet connections, the path is not fixed from point to point for the duration of the transmission. Data sent over the internet is in form of packets. It transmits a small part of the data, checks whether it is correct or not and then sends more information towards the destination. Internet does not require all of the information to be delivered through the same path at same time. 6. Internet Architecture: The internet follows Client-Server architecture. • A Server is a computer loaded with a software package that provides the information that the clients requested. • A Client is a software program that contacts to a server and requests information. • A single hardware server computer could have several different types of server software packages running on it. For example, web server, e-mail server or a chat
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