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Background/history: Ms. Colleen King is a 26-year old woman who sustained a severe traumatic brain injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident a few years earlier. Ms. Colleen struggles with focus, concentration, executive functioning, migraines, and tires easily. She is currently attending Westfield State University and is pursuing a degree in the health field. Colleen is referred by her Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, Vocational Counselor Charles Wellington, to determine if there are assistive; technology tools, which would help Colleen, meet her vocational goals. Functional Capacities: Colleen is able to complete all basic activities of daily Living with independence. She is able to ambulate across all surfaces without the use of an assistive device. Colleen is right hand dominant. Her hearing seems to be within limits and she does not wear glasses. Colleen struggles with reading for a long period, she has difficulty with organizing large writing assignments; focus, concentration, and processing. She is bright and articulate and is able to complete her course assignments when given extra time to do so. Functional Limitations and Potential Assistive/Rehabilitation Technology Solutions:…show more content…
The ATS is recommending Colleen be provided with a 6-8GB laptop which will allow her to set up and run the recommended programs and applications. A laptop is preferred over a desktop computer that will allow Colleen the opportunity to seek help with tutoring when necessary. Colleen will need a copy of Microsoft Home and Student, which gives her the ability to access Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel for her assignments. Colleen experiences migraine headaches when reading or writing lengthy assignments on her computer. The ATS is recommending she be provided with Irlen Overlays to help reduce glare and possibly reduce migraines when working on the

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