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For this set of experiments both the syringes were used, syringe 2 for pushing the fluid in the tank and syringe 1 to pulling it from the tank. The goal is to determine how much volume of the fluid blown by one syringe is sucked by the other in the case that the syringes follow inverted speed trends and the overall mass transfer is null. Once Stroual and Reynolds number are given, all the needed parameters such acceleration, maximum speed and period can be determined. \begin{equation*} V_{max} = \frac{Re \cdot \upsilon}{D} \end{equation*} \begin{equation*} f = \frac{St \cdot V_{max}}{D} \end{equation*} And so the acceleration in the third, in the fourth and in the sixth sixths of the period of the wave is \begin{equation*} acc = \pm\frac{V_{max}}{T/6} \end{equation*} To…show more content…
To connect both of them a chamber is welded to both of them and 3 holes with overall surface of 8.55 mm$^2$ are drilled on the main tube. The distance of the holes to the output surface of the nozzle is 6 diameters. \begin{figure}[h] \centering \includegraphics[width=1 \linewidth]{figure/Nozzles} \caption[Nozzle]{Nozzle, in a) is shown the blowing phase, the fluid crosses all the vertical tube before being expelled in the tank, in b) the fluid get sucked in the nozzle, it passes through the holes drilled in the vertical nozzle inside the cylindrical chamber welded to the metal tube and ends in the red tube} \label{Nozzles} \end{figure} For this experiments a solution of water, ink, ethanol and vinaigrette was used for the jets and the tank was filled of tap water. Since both ink and vinaigrette have a higher density than water ethanol was used to keep the overall density of the solution similar to the water density. Since vinaigrette has a higher viscosity than water, some water was added to the solution to limit the effects of the different

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