Reading Difficulties In Reading

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There are many different types of learning difficulties that face learners as a foreign language, among them are reading difficulties. Giess (2005) mentioned that, pupils with reading difficulty have struggled passing each grade level. Some of these pupils never received good reading instruction. There are students whose difficulty with reading is part of a broader learning difficulty these readers are sometimes referred to as language-learning disabled. Others have a specific learning disability in reading, often called "dyslexic pupils" Scott (2005) p.p2 added that "learning to read is particularly difficult for learners who exhibit poor phonological awareness, and slow naming ability, the learners who are often diagnosed with dyslexia". In fact native English language learners have a high incidence of dyslexia than native learners of most other languages, because of the complexity of the language structure. The problem is compounded because those who experience learning difficulty often avoid learning English language related to academic content, and have negative attitudes towards these…show more content…
Multi sensory approach uses simultaneous engagement of several sensory channels and the synthesis of stimuli coming from these channels. Thus, teaching reading is realized by the integration of visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile stimuli and involves simultaneous presentation of information coming from different senses. According to Hammond & Hercules (2010) to minimize literacy problems of pupils with dyslexia, it is necessary to improve their skills through carefully designed and long-term training Aburalia & Sammour (2013) added, unfortunately any special methods of teaching foreign languages during regular teaching hours are offered to pupils with dyslexia and foreign language teachers’ awareness of dyslexia still seems

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